My Baby Compass Book Series

Parenting is an amazing journey, but it doesn’t come with a roadmap.  Parents often roam aimlessly through crucial stages of their child’s development, longing for the guidance and support necessary to bring the very best out in their children.  While no child comes equipped with an instruction manual, parents do have My Baby Compass – a unique program designed to provide an invaluable toolbox for parents with young children. 

A series of books divided into three age groups – Birth to Two, Two to Four, and Four to Seven My Baby Compass allows you to unlock the mystery of your child’s development.  As your child’s skills, behavior and physical development evolves, My Baby Compass’ detailed checklists help you assess your child’s progress through these important milestones. My Baby Compass also serves as a guide for communication between you and your child’s health care provider, offering you the opportunity to obtain early intervention – a process of assessment and support that has been proven to increase your child’s chances of success – in the case of a developmental delay, such as Autism or stuttering.

My Baby Compass is designed to complement your intuition, providing you with a wealth of practical information that will allow you to stimulate your child’s growth and development in a tangible way.  From insights on age-appropriate activities and toys, to ways in which you can involve your child’s family and caretakers, My Baby Compass is just the resource you need to release your child’s full potential. 


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