Meet Kathy

Kathy GruhnKathy Gruhn brings 35 years of child development experience to the creation of her My Baby Compass series.  Holding both bachelors and masters degrees in speech and language pathology, and a certification from the Amercian Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA), Kathy’s educational background is extensive.  Yet, her diverse clinical experience working with both children and adults in hospital, school and home health care settings is what truly impassioned her to develop the My Baby Compass program.

Kathy’s passion for speech pathology began when her father had a laryngectomy and was left with an electric larynx that made his voice robotic in nature.  After attending speech therapy sessions with her father at the Mayo Clinic, Kathy knew she had found a career path.  Later, in 1973, Kathy met Mother Theresa in India and was impacted by the spiritual leader’s energy for children.  When Kathy returned to the United States, she combined her passion for speech therapy with her love of children.

One of Kathy’s most rewarding career experiences – and a key source of inspiration for her My Baby Compass program – came while working in a United Cerebral Palsy Developmental Center, an environment composed equally of children with normal and delayed development.  Through the therapy she provided and the relationships she fostered, Kathy witnessed great progress and improvement in the children. She soon realized that she was providing more than just insight and strategies for these families – she was giving them hope.  With this in mind, Kathy developed her My Baby Compass program so that everyday families, like yours, can help your children and watch them flourish in this same way.

A mother of two adult children, Kathy and her husband live on a farm in Weddington, N.C., near Charlotte, where she has completed the My Baby Compass series and is trying her hand at blogging.  When she’s not at home, Kathy is traveling the country as a sought-after speaker on child development.


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