Upcoming Events

March 8-10, 2012Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association Spring Convention

Columbus, OH

March 29 – 31, 2012North Carolina Speech Language & Hearing Association Spring Convention
Concord, NC
Workshop Title: “Parents and Speech Pathologists as Partners in Early Intervention”

May 3 -6, 2012International Nanny Association 27th Annual Conference
Las Vegas, NV
Workshop Title: “Games, Rhythms and Signs: Quality time activities that can make your child smarter!”

June 10 – 13, 2012National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development
Indianapolis, IN

October 20 – 23, 2012American Academy of Pediatrics Convention
New Orleans, LA

November 7-10, 2012 – The 2012 NAEYC Annual Conference & Expo will be in Atlanta, GA on November 7-10.

November 17 -21, 2012American Speech Language & Hearing Association Convention
Atlanta, GA

To invite Kathy to speak at your organization’s upcoming events, contact by email.

Interested in free parenting classes with Kathy? Beginning January 2012, informal, hour-long classes will be available on a range of child development topics at coffee shops and restaurants in North Carolina. The classes will cover development, behavior, educational toys, family relationships, social and emotional experiences, discipline and other troubleshooting parenting trials and tribulations. Stay tuned for a list of dates and email info@mybabycompass.com for more information.


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