Book 1: Birth to Two

My Baby Compass: Birth to Two YearsYou’ve just brought home your precious new baby – a tiny, innocent person for whom every sound, facial expression, color and movement is a new discovery.  As a parent, you have no greater desire than to create a strong foundation for your child during these first formable years, but where you do you begin?

My Baby Compass, Birth to Two provides practical information that will allow you to begin your parenting journey with confidence.  Designed to complement your own intuition, My Baby Compass, Birth to Two includes checklists to identify important developmental milestones for your child during his first two years of life.  The recommended toys and playtime activities provided in My Baby Compass will supply you with ideas and encouragement as you strive to bring out the best in your child throughout each stage of his early development. 

You are your child’s best teacher, and the goal of My Baby Compass, Birth to Two is to provide you with support as you nurture your child and build a bond with him that will last a lifetime. 

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Sample Checklist from Chapter 3 Reference Guide:

Baby Talks Checklist
Age 10 to 12 Months – Check at 12 Months



“Whoever said that babies don’t come with instructions? What a relief My Baby Compass is for new parents!  This developmental road map – and clinical ‘compass’ of baby development ‘how-to’s’ and ‘what-if’s’ – is a safety net.  Why has a program like this never been thought of before?  Praise Kathy Gruhn and My Baby Compass!” 

– Meredith Simpson, Rehabilitation Specialist


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