Book 2: Two to Four

My Baby Compass: Two to FourAs the parent of a toddler, you know that something magical happens during this period of a child’s life.  Yet, while your child’s language explodes and his independence blossoms, you may be filled with more questions than ever before.  Is my child’s development on track?  Is he talking like he should?  Who knew such a tremendous period of growth for your child could raise so many concerns for you.

My Baby Compass, Two to Four is a research-based guide to help answer your most common questions about your toddler’s development.  Filled with developmental checklists, My Baby Compass, Two to Four will allow you to assess your child’s growth and provide you with clarity on what to do if there are problems. My Baby Compass also offers helpful activities to incorporate into your daily routine and introduces you to positive methods that will give your child the best advantage, regardless of his stage of development.

Research has proven that education begins in the home, and My Baby Compass, Two to Four will afford you the tools you need to stimulate all areas of your toddler’s development. 

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Sample Checklist from Chapter 3 Reference Guide:

Three Year-Old Talks in Phrases/Sentences Checklist
Age 37 to 42 months – Check at 42 months



“New parents find themselves busier than they would ever believe.  But new parents also want to do the very best for their new little ones.  Kathy Gruhn’s program makes ‘doing the right things’ much easier by placing checklist, activities and developmental targets within easy reach.  The pull-out checklists and activities make it a cinch to locate the correct information for your toddler’s stages.  Having the words and motions to many songs and nursery rhymes makes talking with your child easy and interesting. My Baby Compass is a must-have for busy new families.” 

–  Elizabeth B. Simpson, MA CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist


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